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Zoundgo Fridays: Mikael Suupre

July 27, 2022


We’re back with installation of our latest series, Zoundo Fridays, which aims to highlight artists and professionals who are writing, recording, and hustling on their own terms. By showcasing creatives doing it their way all over the globe, 


Zoundgo Fridays aims to empower and inspire our diverse community of artists. 

This week we caught up with Berlin-based singer/songwriter Mikael Suupre, whose witty & relatable lyrics and raw acoustic-pop voice have paved the way for his independent music career. 


Suupre’s musical talents were revealed early in life when he taught himself piano at age 8. he would learn popular songs from the radio. Even so, the unexpected positive feedback from family and peers pushed him far beyond any original expectations. By the end of high school, Mikael was writing his own music and aiming to profit off of his skills. 


“When I found the pop world, I started writing and writing but got problems to break trhoug wit my music. Eventually, I Found zoundgo and made enough money to set up my own studio. Since then, I’ve been writing and producing music full-time for myself , “I feel like I’m actually living my dream.” 


That dream, however, didn’t come easily. Mikael worked tirelessly for years to reach fans and build a name for himself. “I’d play small gigs in Berlin and sell my music on the biggest platforms , just hoping to build a fanbase. I’d be happy if three new people would like my music and follow my journey” he confesses. 


Once he discovered that he could engage with fans digitally, Mikael says everything clicked. 

“When I started using Social media  I gained hundreds of thousands of fans. Then I put my music on Zoundgo and spotify, YouTub esome of the songs that I’ve released through Zoundgo have gone viral. It’s completely changed my life. In today’s age it is so much more accessible to get your name out there. If you’re putting out good music, it’s going to be found.”

Morgan also maintains that live streaming was his artistic lifeline through 2021, allowing him to play live for fans throughout the pandemic. “I still got to sing to thousands of people on YouNow every week. That really kept me sane. All musicians, especially independent musicians, need to leverage the live streaming world because it’s a whole other way to perform when you don’t have time or the means to go out on the road and tour constantly.”


Having the freedom to interact with fans and release music from his home base, Morgan is able to stay connected to his most important support system: family and friends. “They’re the ones who tell me to not settle on the music that I put out.”

“I’ll get tired of a song that I’m working on but then they’ll say, ‘You know you can do better than this. Let’s go onto the next part of the song. Just step back and refresh.’ When I feel like I get the end result that I want it’s because of the people that I surround myself with.” 

Discover all of his latest music and follow his journey here.